Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moving on from Community College

Monday will officially be my last day attending community college. I am relieved to be moving on to bigger things. Lately I've been thinking about the Pros and Cons of spending my first two years at KCC, and here's what I've come up with.


1//I saved tens of thousands of dollars. Since I have a parent who works at the college, my tuition is nearly free. I am expected to pay my own way through college, so an opportunity to save that much money was too good to be true. 

2//I was able to get into a better 4 year college. Out of high school, my grades were good but nothing spectacular. My ACT score was high, but my GPA was a reflection of my lack of motivation in high school. Once I started at KCC I became a hard worker and have been able to maintain a high GPA. Without this time to build up a good GPA, I doubt I would have been accepted into the University of Michigan.

3//I had time to figure out what I wanted to major in without worrying about wasting money. My first semester of college I wanted to major in history and anthropology. As interesting as those are, I realized that history majors are not in high demand. I was able to choose an academic direction (environmental engineering) and move on to a university that better fit my major!

4//The classes are smaller, not easier. My instructors were more aware of which sections we were struggling with and which ones we were ready to move on from. That is not to say exams are easier, or that the instructors are lenient when grading.


1//The drive to school. It's not so much the 30 minute drive as the cost of gas. I've learned to appreciate fuel efficient cars.

2//The negative connotation that comes with "community college". I can feel the judgement. To make this clear, I got accepted into 3 universities out of high school and 2 reputable universities this fall. I don't attend community college because I wasn't smart enough to get accepted anywhere else. I attend community college because college costs are so high.

3//I missed out an experience. It is hard to live in my own hometown and continue to live at home while my friends move away and gain a new level of independence. While I'll still get some of that experience this fall, it inevitably won't be the same as if it were my freshman year.

Are any of my readers current or former community college students? What are your thoughts on two-year colleges? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I went to a community college because I got a scholarship that paid for all of it (besides books). I decided this was best since my parents are paying for my bachelors. It really helped them save for an extra three years. I do agree I did miss out on all the clubs that are at Universites but I also felt it prepared me for a university I'm attending in the summer.


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