Thursday, September 4, 2014

Modern Baseball, AKA the Soundtrack to My Life

Earlier this week, my best friend and I went to see the Detroit Tigers play against the New York Yankees. It was an awesome game, and I’m proud to say the Tigers won! Since I love baseball so much, I am going to introduce you to Modern Baseball!

Okay, to be honest, the only relation they have to baseball is their name. But I am passionate about their music and feel the urge to share it with anyone who will listen.

The first time I heard Modern Baseball was last summer while riding in my boyfriend’s car. About 30 seconds into the song I was begging him to lend me all of their CDs (yes, I still use CDs).

Modern Baseball is pop-punk, indie rock, whatever you would like to call it. They are from Philadelphia. They are your classic 4-man band.

So far they have 2 albums and 2 EPs:

The Nameless Ranger
You're Gonna Miss It All
Couples Therapy

Personally, my favorite album is Sports. Their song “Play Ball!” off of the same album was the very first song I heard, pulling me into their fan base.

I have grown tired of the over-synthesized voices littering the radio waves. There is something refreshing about the untampered vocals and perfectly imperfect acoustics. Their lyrics are neither crude nor censored, they are simply genuine and relatable to anyone who has ever experienced a breakup or had anxiety about the future (soooooo everyone pretty much).

Just trust me on this one, Modern Baseball is worth at least a listen!

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